What is Danio Assay Test Kit?

Danio Assay Kit is a toxicity kit developed by utilizing the unique properties of zebrafish embryos to screen for numerous new developed drugs, plant extracts/fractions, pesticides and new developed chemicals for preservative/ coloring/ odour. It allows predictive toxicity effects that is fast, cost effective and less ethical issues. By using Danio Assay Kit, it will widen the possible use of this in vivo model by the researchers/ toxicologist who are working in small laboratories to research centres where they could maintain full control over the confidentiality of their results.

Where zebrafish is originated?

Zebrafish (Danio rerio), is a freshwater fish originated from Ganges River, East India and Burma that found in slow streams or rice paddies. However, zebrafish in our lab are breed locally and maintained at laboratory conditions.

What type of zebrafish strain available?

Currently, we only provide zebrafish (wild-type short-fin).

Why zebrafish is an ideal animal model used to study toxicity, developmental and human diseases?

  • Zebrafish is vertebrate. Like human, they also have a backbone and biological traits such as genes, developmental processes, anatomy, physiology, and behaviors.
  • Zebrafish has features which are easy to maintain, manipulate, and observe in the lab. They are fresh water fish, small in size, can be kept in aquarium in large numbers, and ease of breeding. Zebrafish eggs are also externally fertilized, produced regularly in large numbers, transparent and develop rapidly. Thus, make them a favored animal model.
  • A female zebrafish can lay large quantities of eggs. Thus, experiments can be carried out onto different embryos simultaneously.
  • The zebrafish embryos develop outside the mother’s body, so it would be easy to access the embryos. In contrast, mouse embryo develops inside the mother, and researcher has to kill the mother in order to get the mouse embryo. Once the mother is killed, the embryos will die too. Thus, limited experiments can be carried out.
  • Zebrafish embryo is also transparent. Development of its internal organs, such as the brain, heart, blood, muscles can be observed in living embryos (non-invasive).

How does zebrafish can help humans?

Zebrafish is vertebrate, thus they are more closely related to humans than invertebrates. Obviously, zebrafish and humans are different, but their embryonic development are similar at the molecular level where similar genes perform similar functions in both species. Zebrafish genes can also be modified to form transgenic zebrafish which duplicate certain disease conditions in humans. Thus, the equivalent genes could be determined and compared within the human genome.

How do I place an order?

You can place your order to Mr. Hakim by contacted him through email hakim@danioassay.com/danioassay@gmail.com or whatsapp at +6016 – 8151969.

We accept cash/ Bank draft/cheque/ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/ purchase orders (PO).

Can items in Danio Assay Kit be bought separately?

Yes, please refer at the download section for a complete list of items available.

Who should I contact with more specific questions?

For general questions regarding adult fish, embryo, Danio Assay kit, toxicity services or training, please contact Mr. Hakim .

For scientific questions regarding zebrafish & toxicity test, please contact Dr. Syahida Ahmad.

Where to get the update?

Feel free to visit our website danioassay.com or our facebook page www.facebook.com/danioassay