Welcome To The First Malaysian Zebrafish Company

Danio Assay Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. is the first Malaysian biotechnology company that specialized in the use of zebrafish (Danio rerio) as an alternative model for toxicology and biomedical research. We are a startup company established in the year 2014, which based at the Putra Science Park, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang Selangor. 

Our company provides new toxicology products and services based on the use of the zebrafish model that is cost-effective, rapid, reliable, precise and robust for high-throughput screening (HTS) and high-content screening (HCS) especially for drugs screening, chemical safety and ecotoxicology. Our core product, Danio AssayTM Kit is a quick and ready-to-use toxicity test for determination of toxic levels or effects of chemicals used for example in manufacturing nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products. Danio AssayTM Kit is well-suited in toxicity studies detecting in a very short time and at low cost to screen for new synthesized drugs, chemical substances, food preservatives or additives, pesticides, cyanotoxins and even toxicants in drinking water. This can be very useful to rapid alert about the adverse effect of toxicants or environmetal pollutions to human.

Currently we are under the Market Innovation Validation Research Scheme that is funded by Universiti Putra Malaysia. This scheme is a complete training and assistance for few selected projects for two years tenure including programs such as marketing strategy, enhancement of research techniques and other related field of knowledge that are being monitored closely by the University. The aims of this program is to commercialize national product by internal researchers and for the advancement of the research field that each company under the scheme are being approved for further enhancement both in commercialization and research for Malaysia to be pioneer frontier in field of knowledge for the betterment of mankind and to increase the economic ability of the country from the perspective of pure science.

The Co-founder of the company is Dr. Syahida binti Ahmad and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Yunus Abd. Shukor which both are practicing UPM’s lecturers and researchers in the company’s business field, both have more than 10 years experienced in science and two years experiences in managing company from the experience gains from the scheme. As the company is a product of a well organized scheme which comprise of many weekly task that are required by the company to follow under Universiti Putra Malaysia, the company become extensively viable for robust development as the many important things in an establishment of a company both regulatory by law and all the necessity strategy for future evolution for betterment of the company both from research and commercialization are ready in place after two years term of the scheme. The company also received access to commercialize this technology under licensing agreement from Universiti Putra Malaysia with pending patent.