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Why most scientists prefer Zebrafish Embryo Toxicity Testing as an alternative technique to do toxicity testing?
Go to Minimized lab space

Minimized lab space

Zebrafish embryo toxicity testing does not need a big lab space as compared to animal testing using rodents (mouse or rats) which needs specialized animal house and big laboratory space.

Go to Fast and Cost-effective

Fast and Cost-effective

Zebrafish embryo toxicity testing is fast and cost-effective as compared to rodent animal toxicity testing which is expensive and time consuming.

Go to avoid ethical or legal issues

avoid ethical or legal issues

Early life-stages of zebrafish are not protected as animals until the stage of being capable of independent feeding up to 120 hours of post fertilization (hpf).

Go to In vivo toxicity testing can be carried out in multi-well plate

In vivo toxicity testing can be carried out in multi-well plate

Zebrafish embryos are so tiny, thus it could fit into a 96-well plate. However, toxicity testing using rodents (mouse or rats) need to be carried out in a cage at only one sample at a time.

We do for you or do it yourself! Our innovation, Danio Assay Kit allows predictive toxicity testing that is fast, cost effective and less ethical issues. Danio Assay Kit is developed by utilizing the unique properties of zebrafish embryos.

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We produce different types of ready-to-use toxicity test kits. Learn more about our products.




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